Sony, a subsidiary to develop Playstation games on smartphones

Sony Computer Entertainment, renamed next Friday under the name of Sony Interactive Entertainment, is about to relaunch in the world of mobile video games. The Japanese firm has just announced the creation of ForwardWorks, a subsidiary that will develop games on Android and iOS.

This announcement comes six months after the closure of PlayStation Mobile and only a few days after the launch of Nintendo’s first mobile application. Two competing companies both intend to find a growth driver and target a new category of players with mobile platforms.
Sony specifies in a press release that ForwardWorks will be able to “rely on the intellectual property related to the many PlayStation titles and their characters […] in order to provide video games optimized for mobile devices”.

There is therefore no doubt that some of the great successes of the Playstation universe will land on mobile, enough to predict long hours of intense play on your smartphone or tablet. The first markets to benefit will be Japan and Asia.



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